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Fader Werk @ Willischthal

Attention, this is an private event, with invitation only. Lineup today 18.00-20.00 PuppetMasterZero 20.00-21.00 Kraut n´Rübn 21.00-22.30 Bionic 22.30-24.00 Duo Quadro 24.00-01.30 Trebor 01.30-03.30 Mr.Spooky Terror 03.30-05.00 Mr.Bee Little floor 18.00-open end Zwischenwelt/Marcostixxx More infos on Facebook

Soundhof @ Weltecho, Chemnitz

Kraut´n´Rübn is in the House! The summer is in the House at Weltecho beer garden, with a fresh cocktail of sunny beats and sparkling grooves from Kraut´n´Rübn. Cancelled because of bad weather!

Slackfest @ Küchwaldwiese, Chemnitz

Colt! Live (traxacid/doojee/heimatkunde) Tom Newman (KWZ Records) Zwischenwelt (KWZ Records) Bio Nic (KWZ Records) Shifted Minds (Freelancer / EAZ) Trikkle Box ( Animaux Live (LoveLofterMusic) Flexxer (LoveLofterMusic) Enrico Ludwig (aka Enny One / S.H.A.C.K Limited) Kraut´n´Rübn (Kill A BeAt Rec., Mittel zum Zweck)

Kraut´n´Rübn on Mittel zum Zweck Vol. 2

The label Mittel zum Zweck recalls the last months and summarizes the different musical impressions together with new stilistic shades on the compilation „Mittel zum Zweck Vol. 2“. On this compilation is „Reborn“, the first track from Kraut´n´Rübn ever and „Between The Worlds“, eponym of the second EP from Kraut´n´Rübn on Mittel zum Zweck. The compilation […]

Release „Frozen Sun“ on Bugcoder Records

Bugcoder Records celebrate their first birthday and for this occasion they release a compilation with artists, who are on the label from the very first beginning. Beyond that some new artists make their debut on the label from Zwickau, for example Kraut´n´Rübn, who contributes his track „Frozen Sun“. Since a few days, the compilation is available […]

Release „Focus“ on Kill A BeAt Records

Kill A BeAt Records 028 is now available as digital download, too. Alongside „Premonition“ Kill A BeAt Records has also released „Focus“ . By the way, Kill A BeAt Records 028 is still available on Vinyl.

New track: Three Cats On A Funky Space Trip

It´s midsummer and nearly full moon along with it. Perfect weather, to stare into the sky in a snug night. Paying attention you can see with naked eye three fast moving orbs – the „Three Cats On A Funky Space Trip“. You can listen to them for sure, if you activate the audioplayer.