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Light At The End Of The Tunnel

 „Light At The End Of The Tunnel“ is out now – happy release day! Chris Wayfarer is back on his own imprint Wayfarer Audio, supported and distributed by Sonokraft. This track is available as a preview and on all major platforms: About the new release Every dry spell comes to an end. Every cloud […]

Sverige EP coming out on 26th of March 2021

Sverige – just the mere word sounds mysterious and evokes phantastic images. Save the link for the upcoming release: With his new EP Chris Wayfarer creates a musical travelogue: Four varied tracks portray four weeks the music producer has spent in different regions of Sweden on his parental leave. Impressions from a country where the familiar […]

„Ice Flowers“ out now!

When the world holds its breath under cold temperatures, ice flowers form filigree artworks on windows and other surfaces. Simultaneously, the name “ice flower” stands for a species of begonia that resists frost in a colourful way. In both phenomena, winter shows its subtle and melancholic beauty. Chris Wayfarer’s new single “Ice Flowers” unfolds just the same way. Carefully, the bell-like sounds […]