Chris Wayfarer - House dj and producer (Deep & Tech House)

Chris Wayfarer – House dj and producer

Residence: Chemnitz (Germany)
Style: Deep House, Electronica, Tech House


A high goal: Lasting equilibrium and happiness are hard to find and seem to vanish easily. Pursuing those, the German producer and DJ Chris Wayfarer has embarked on an internal and external journey.

Rooted in drum ’n‘ bass and knowing every trick of the underground culture, Chris has recently set forth to the realms of deep house, tech house and electronica. He has created his own musical language, featuring at times a floating vibe, at times a punchy and energetic expression – always honest to himself and to the world, in a natural flow and with care to detail.

Whether in the studio or at the turntables, Chris Wayfarer fuses deep house and tech house with sampling from all kinds of electronic styles, jazz, funk and classical music to grow harmonious compositions. Alternating between groovy, funky, rough, melodic, deep and driving qualities: a musical logbook inviting you to listen, to dance and to be happy.