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Chris Wayfarer feat. Flo Drachenberg – Blue Hour

  Blue Hour, my new track with Flo Drachenberg is out now on all stores and streaming platforms: Listen and download here! Chris Wayfarer feat. Flo Drachenberg – Blue Hour As summer fades and the nights grow longer again, the mood of some people becomes increasingly gloomy. But the autumn does not only have dark […]

Henning Rechenberg – Relaxation (Chris Wayfarer Remix)

Henning Rechenberg has released his track „Relaxation“ on Wayfarer Audio, including remixes by Takeshy Sinn and myself. Henning Rechenberg „Relaxation“ and remixes by Takeshy Sinn and Chris Wayfarer With Relaxation Henning Rechenberg touches musically a theme that concerns many people: Easing. It is not about simply putting up the feed. Rather, it is about the […]

Felix Reuter & Chris Wayfarer – Ludwig Loves To Dance

Ludwig Loves To Dance – out now! Ludwig Loves To Dance: Ludwig’s face fills with amazement: Miraculously, he has travelled to the bustling, famous beach of Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro, in the year 2021. On 25th June 2021, the summer tune „Ludwig Loves To Dance”, a cross-genre collab between the classical pianist Felix Reuter and […]

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

 „Light At The End Of The Tunnel“ is out now – happy release day! Chris Wayfarer is back on his own imprint Wayfarer Audio, supported and distributed by Sonokraft. This track is available as a preview and on all major platforms: About the new release Every dry spell comes to an end. Every cloud […]

Sverige EP coming out on 26th of March 2021

Sverige – just the mere word sounds mysterious and evokes phantastic images. Save the link for the upcoming release: With his new EP Chris Wayfarer creates a musical travelogue: Four varied tracks portray four weeks the music producer has spent in different regions of Sweden on his parental leave. Impressions from a country where the familiar […]

„Ice Flowers“ out now!

When the world holds its breath under cold temperatures, ice flowers form filigree artworks on windows and other surfaces. Simultaneously, the name “ice flower” stands for a species of begonia that resists frost in a colourful way. In both phenomena, winter shows its subtle and melancholic beauty. Chris Wayfarer’s new single “Ice Flowers” unfolds just the same way. Carefully, the bell-like sounds […]

Chroma EP on Colour In Music!

There could be better times to release some music. Despite SARS-CoV-2 the show must go on. Really. So I´m happy to announce that my new EP Chroma is out now on Colour in Music. You can stream the tracks on Spotify: And for all the dj´s out there, you can also grab your copy in […]

Bastis Piano released

„Bastis Piano“ is out now on Wayfarer Audio. I´m very happy to announce my first release with T:Base from C Recordings and Flo Drachenberg, who´s playing saxophone in the band Skavida. Here are the details about my new tracks: Chris Wayfarer, T:Base & Flo Drachenberg – Bastis Piano In difficult and stressful times it is […]